Salish Sea

Our Approach

Designer: Hannah Sky Bolton

Born and raised in eclectic Missoula, Montana, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Bolton began creating things from a young age. Inspired by the mural titled "Dog's Dreaming" that hung on the living room wall in her home, the adolescent Bolton asked the artist, "Where did you find such a huge piece of paper?" In return, artist and rancher Dennis Voss gave her a 9' x 5' blank canvas which she tacked on the wall above her twin bed and tried to emulate his bold strokes, layering of media and use of vibrant color.

Since then, it has been three decades of creation in dance, visual art, music, and travel that fuels her creativity. She inhales all the World...the land, it's people, the life and the death–the essence. Bolton believes her affinity for nature and it's inhabitants inspires her designs and helps give meaning to the mundane, seemingly insignificant life-struggle. For her, art makes sense of the world and is a crucial element in her path of life. Her art reflects where she has been, where she is now and where she desires to go.

Our Story

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